And so It Begins

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Well here we are, finally – welcome to my blog! For so long, I have wanted to have my own outlet for writing about all the pressing issues that I encounter daily within the broad and fascinating of Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology and Human Resource Management. At last, I got down to action and set it up.

A few words about myself: I am a psychologist, educated at Uppsala University, but nowadays you will find me at Stockholm School of Economics where I am doing my PhD at the Department of Management and Organization. I have a background working in consultancy, both with psychometric testing and with broad organizational development based on psychological research. Today, I focus mainly on my research, which centers on Talent Management and its effects on employees.

Ever since my early days as a Psychology student, I hold a strong fascination for almost everything concerning the human being at work: How the individual interacts with the organization, what makes us motivated and engaged at work, what causes stress, what determines success… I also strongly believe that the knowledge produced by research could be put to much better use in organizations if it only reached out, and equally that research often should be much better at joining forces with practitioners.

So, what can you expect from this blog? First and foremost, I will try to provide research-based depth to current topics within HRM, Talent Management, and related topics in I/O psychology. I will try to reach behind some current buzzwords and trends to offer a nuanced perspective. As often as I can, I will try to use my own experiences as a researcher, drawing studies I conduct and conversations I have with highly competent practitioners out there.

Of course, I am also highly interested in finding out what you would like to read about: Do you want a scrutiny of the latest management hype? A “how-to” on improving work engagement? A talent development special? Do not hesitate to drop me an email at .

So, with no further ado – let’s get this blog party started and dive into the fascinating psychology of work!


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